MCR Series (charge only) and MCDR Series (charge/discharge) cabinets contain multiple circuit configuration typically 6 to 16 circuits configured on basis of power rating & volume of batteries required as per production convenience. The cabinet is designed to Interface with Acid Circulation System.

The IGBT series offers the latest technology in AC/DC conversion with Energy efficient formation. Good Efficiency, better power factor, less Harmonics provides less capital investment. Most important savings are investment on Power factor & Harmonic correction, switch-gear & cables associated with these corrections and space. Quality of Power remains unaffected with use of High Frequency series of Rectifier. The Energy during discharge is either utilized in other circuits of formation of if in excess, is returned back to the mains.

The Rectifier cabinet works on program schedule set in the Battery Manager software. However the rectifier start is controlled from the ACS system, depending on readiness for current flow into the battery.

Standard cabinet consists of similar Power rating circuits, 3 Amps up-to 600 Amps. The circuits can be started, stopped, operated individually or as a group from the Battery Manager software.

The MCR/MCDR(SCR) can be used in Formation of Lead Acid batteries, suited to acid circulation cooling system. There essentially has to be an interface between the rectifier cabinet controls and the acid circulation system. This Interface is basically to start/stop the rectifier based on the condition of formation. The Rectifier & the ACS, both, exchange information about each others status through a hardware or a software platform. Hardware platform include Digital I/O’s defining the status. Software platform could be exchange over communication protocol like Profuse, CANBUS etc..

Each circuit can be designed up to 270 V/360 Vdc and 75 amp ~ 400 amps.

The formation schedule suited for conventional constant current, Constant current-Voltage, Constant voltage and other effective formation like Pulsed current cycles can be supported.

Temperature of the battery within limits is the essence of a good formation. ACS system units have temperature measurement the circulating acid & thus communicates the temperature data over to rectifier to take control over the step current or the formation step to interrupt /pause to have a controlled environment formation.

  • Rugged design manufactured under excellent quality practices ensures trouble free operation
  • Added Safety – Isolated circuits with independent secondaries, AC breaker, DC contractor at output with fuse
  • Up to 4/6/12 circuits per cabinet→Up to 4/6/12 circuits per cabinet
    Current Range: 75 to 400amp, Voltage Range: up to 270Vdc / 360Vdc
  • Current Range: 75 to 400amp, Voltage Range: up to 270Vdc / 360Vdc
    Temperature controlled formation
  • Networking multiple cabinets
  • Energy efficient Regenerative discharge
  • Automated Operation from HOST PC with Battery Manager software
  • Ease of Service & flexible to operate
  • Charge Only / Charge-Discharge operations provided from universal module
  • Automatic Restart after a power-fail/Outage with a memory backup
  • Flexible program schedules meeting any formation requirement
  • Cooling arrangements provided for robust working under difficult site conditions
  • Allow our system to handle the operation efficiently sparing your precious time for other jobs
  • Our designs & solution values your time & money. Be rest assured of the most trusted & efficient system delivered.
  • Our training programs & calibration service at your doorstep making it a trusted partnership
  • Interface to Acid Circulation system on Hardware and software platform
  • Interface to Datalogger for individual battery/cell voltage monitoring
  • Digital / Relay outputs to Interface external safety elements
  • AD590/PT100 temperature sensor interface
Circuits per Cabinet 4 ~ 16
Voltage Range, Charge, V 10% – 100% RATED
Voltage Range, Discharge, V 100% – 10% RATED
Continuous current per circuit,A ± 75Amp ~ ± 400Amp
Measuring Accuracy Udc < ± 1.0% FSR
Control Accuracy Udc < ± 1.0% FSR
Control Accuracy Idc < ± 1.0% FSR
Current Ripple < ± 10.0% rms FSR
System Efficiency, % ** ≥ 90%
Galvanic Isolation per circuit Yes

Mains Connection 3phase, 415V/400V, 50hz/60hz, N + E
Control Interface ME-IGBT Module
Accuracy ±1%Full Scale
Current Control Range 10-100% of Rated Current
Operating Voltage Range 10-100% Rated Voltage
Ambient Temperature 45°C
Display LED’s for Charge, Discharge
Data report Data File Report in BM Software, to Excel Export
Mode of Operation CC & CV
PC Software Battery Manager


Cooling Air Cooled, air flow from bottom to top
Protection Level IP20
Humidity 10% – 90% RH, non-condensing and non-corroding


Cable Entery AC & DC input at the bottom front
Colour RAL-7032 Siemens Grey


Model Designation Current Per Circuit (A) Voltage Per Circuit (V) Number Of Circuits
360-5-10/20/24 0.25 – 5 36-360 10/20/24
360-10-10/20/24 0.1-10 36-360 10/20/24
360-20-10/12/16 2 – 20 36-360 10/12/16
360-30-12/16 3 – 30 36-360 12/16
360-40-12/16 4 – 40 36-360 12/16
360-50-10/12 5 – 50 36-360 10/12
360-60-8/10 6 – 60 36-360 8/10