Corporate Social Responsibility

Together we will build a healthy environment

Social responsibility is an idea that has been of concern to mankind for many years. Over the last two decades, however, it has become of increasing concern to the business world. Corporate social responsibility is no longer defined by how much money a company contributes to charity, but by its overall involvement in activities that improve the quality of people’s lives.

We as a company are strongly committed to improving the efficiency of the lives our people and the others around us. We have tried to touch aspects like medical health, education, women’s cause and are adding to the list




Community Health Center

The company has a health care center within the company premises which is accessible not only to the employees but also to the community staying in the adjoining areas. The health check and medication is done free of cost


Aiding Education for the Needy

We as a company recognize education as one of the key elements in having an informed society. With this in mind a committee was formed during the company’s inception which looks into the merits of the cases that get registered and sanctions loan to those who wish to pursue higher as well as basic education. This facility is extended within and outside the company.

Helping Destitute Women with livelihood

Women are the pillars in their family as well as in the society. Their employment also leads to economic balance. Ensuring equity between women and men is the key to unleashing the full potential of communities to transform their lives. In order to support these pillars, time to time we have drives within our organization to locate women who are in need of a livelihood. These are times when the entire organization gets geared to doing their bit in the form of this social work.