Datalogger for Formation

Multi channel data-logger is a production cum quality tool in identifying well formed cell/battery during formation. The data-logger captures live battery/cell voltage & records in dedicated software. Each group of multiplexer has 20 channels configured for N groups X 20 channels according to the number of cells/batteries connected in a string to each charge-discharge circuit. This system provides an excellent quality tool and an instrument to help minimize warranty failures.

  • VRLA battery formation usually uses Data-loggers to collect cell/battery voltages during formation.
  • The unit is designed on an economic scale to suit most quality assurance requirements.
  • Multiple Channel Configuration with different channels/group.
  • RS232/422 Interface between Host PC and Data-logger multiplexer boards.
  • Hardware & Software Interface to Charger Circuits.
Voltage measurement range 0-3V | 3-12V
No. of measurement channels / board 20 channels voltage/multiplexer card
Multiplexed measurement channels 20-24/48/60/120/240/320/360/400/480
Cabinet Configuration Multiple multiplexed groups
Measuring Accuracy Udc ± 1.0% FSR
Measurement turnaround time 10ms per channel
Measurement frequency As per measurement channel qty
Data download measured data can be downloaded in dedicated software

AC Data

Mains Connection 1phase, 240/220V, 50hz/60hz, N + E
Installation Indoor
Degree of protection IP-20