Formation accessories

Along with the formation system, we also provide accessory equipment & solutions


Industrial Chargers

Robust Float and boost chargers suited to every Industry needs equipment & solutions.


Float Cum Boost Charger-SCR technology

Float Cum Boost (FCBC)

Combined Float and Boost mode of operation, suitable for powering Station load with DC Power & Trickle charge the battery bank simultaneously

Dual Float Cum Boost (Dual FCBC)

Fully Redundant system for  Powering Station load & simultaneously Trickle charge battery bank with a standby arrangement

Float & Boost Charger (FC & BC)

Dedicated float and dedicated boost charge system, independently charging the battery bank & powering DC load separately

Float & Float Cum Boost (FC & FCBC)

Float Redundant system for Power Battery Bank and simultaneously powering station load