High Rate Discharge Tester

The High Rate Discharge Tester (HEW) has been designed for high rate of current discharge from the battery/cell such as the cranking test in Automotive batteries. The high rate discharge tests can also be set & performed as per programmed test schedule. The test can be conducted with control parameters like current, voltage, resistance & power.
For test data can be evaluated on two software packages of Digatron Power Electronics well known battery testing software – Battery Manager for quality assurance and high volume testing and- BTS-600 for research and development requirements. BTS-600 allows to combine the HEW tester with Digatron Power Electronics Life Cycle Tester UBT and a Temperature Chamber to establish an automated IEC test stand.

The application cranking tests for Automotive batteries, situation wherein, battery characteristics response is to be determined during accelerated discharge currents of high order . The response of the battery can be recorded for further analysis. Digatron’s HEW unit is capable of responding with rise times as fast as 3 millisecond.

Standardized discharge schedules (EN, DIN, SAE, IEC,JS etc.) such as cold cranking tests and/or user defined test schedules for automotive batteries and all other types of batteries. The modular power module design, the combination of a variety of options and the flexible program editor allow to set up an automated IEC test stand effecting long term cycle life and cold cranking tests without any manual battery handling.

  • Range upto 5000amps, 42-0V
  • Interface to Datalogger on CANBUS for cell voltage monitoring
  • TCP/IP Interface between Host PC and the UBT cabinet
  • Discharge upto 5V or 0V
  • Interface to Auxiliary devices & Environmnet chamber
  • Suited for Automotive battery & Industrial cells/battery
  • Temperature measurement in individual circuit for pilot cell/battery
  • Plug in power modules for ease of service
  • RS232 or CAN Interface
Technology Linear Control
Cabinet Main Controller MicroME
Individual Circuit Controls CAN-LC
Cabinet Configuration Multiple Circuit
Voltage Range, Charge, V up to 5V | 0V
Continuous current per circuit,A UP TO ± 5000Amp
Measuring Accuracy Udc < ± 0.1% FSR
Control Accuracy Udc < ± 0.1% FSR
Control Accuracy Idc < ± 0.1% FSR
Control Various Current, Voltage, Temperature, resistance
Control functions Constant -Current, Voltage, Temperature, resistance, Power
Limit functions Time, Ah, End Voltage, Temperature, wh, other options
Test Data evaluation Numerical & Graphical presentation, Numeric values can be exported to Excel format
Current rise time @10ms (up to 90% FS on resistive load)

AC Data

Mains Connection 3phase, 415V/380V, 50hz/60hz, N + E


Cooling Air Cooled, air flow from bottom to top
Ambient temperature, operating 10-40⁰C (50 – 104⁰F)
Protection Level IP20
Humidity 10% – 90% RH, non-condensing and non-corroding


Cable Entry AC & DC input at the bottom front
Colour RAL-7014 Dark Grey

Standard Models

1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 Amps Discharge Up to 5V Discharge Up to 0V