Fight every inch

Never, ever give up as the inches are everywhere. Eventually you will win. Convincingly. We are warriors changing the face of India.  We are dependable & consistent and deliver on all that we commit. We are about the future and add value through superior technological solutions. We are ethical and act with integrity in all of our dealings – always! We have fun, no matter, what!

Be brutally Honest, always

We strive to be a great place to work by allowing all opinions to shine. We provide constructive feed-back using only facts and not emotions. Our arguments couch the good together with the bad (Good-Bad-Good!). We speak-up and don’t allow the poor performance of others to let the team down. We demonstrate the leadership we want shown to us. We are always caring. WE MAKE WORK FUN (as we spend 70% of waking hours here.).

Be informed, and therefore fearless

We are a learning organisation. We encourage experimenting with new ideas without fear of failures. We learn from mistakes and try to ensure we don’t make the same mistake twice.
We demand the data we need so we can make our arguments with facts and data. We build on our core competences through constant analyses of our markets. We measure and analyse our business risks and negotiate to mitigate them.  We reward those who push the boundaries of comfort zones.

Always make a profit

People are the purpose but profit & cash are the means. We never cheat to make a profit. We work with ethics & integrity in all that we do. We measure our cost correctly and ensure that margins cover not just our costs, but also the welfare of our team and the families that depend upon us. We measure our risks and only offer commercial terms that protect our cashflows.

We earn profits through innovative and technologically superior solutions. We always spend less than we earn. We measure, analyse, iterate and own our decisions. We take responsibility.