Mission And Quality Policy

Ador Digatron’s Mission is to excel in business as a solution provider in digital power electronics, manufactured in world class facilities for the discerning customers in the global market. Ador Digatron’s products, processes and systems are designed to international standards and the company is dedicated to continual improvement of the same for achieving:

  • Satisfied Employees: By making them excel in performance through continual training and development and rewarding them for their contribution for improvements in all aspects of our operations and also for their leadership initiatives.
  • Customer Delight: Through effective customer relationship management and services based on understanding and meeting customer requirements and expectations
  • Technological Excellence: Through innovative and efficient product, process design and development
  • Cost leadership: Through effective design, engineering, resources, process management and quality supply chain management
Environment Policy

Ador Digatron’s products, processes and systems are designed to meet or exceed all relevant legal requirements and national/ international standards pertaining to environment. The company is dedicated to continual improvement of effectiveness of its environmental management system.

To achieve this, we decide:

  • To continually look for ways to improve, by:
    • Avoiding, reducing or controlling creation, emission or discharge of pollutants
    • Conserving the natural resources.
  • To educate and train our employees in the use of environmentally conscious practices, recognizing that no matter what their roles are, they are also responsible for protecting the environment.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements related to our operations.
  • To set, achieve and review our environmental objectives and targets.
Health And Safety Policy

We, at Ador Digatron Limited believe that safe & Hygienic working condition is the right of every employee & we shall make consistent efforts and improvements to maintain safe and hygienic working conditions and comply, with all the relevant statutory requirements.

  • Create safe and healthy working condition, provide & maintain plant, equipment & machinery in good working condition.
  • Provide adequate training to ensure employees are competent at their work.
  • Make arrangements for informing, educating, training and retraining of our employees at different levels and the customer wherever required.
  • Set the standards for safety practices and arrangements for involving the workers & promote activities which create safety awareness & safety culture amongst every employee of the company.
  • Fix the responsibility of the contractor, sub-contractors, transporters and other agencies entering the plant premises.
  • Prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health and provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising due to work activities.