Regenerative Series

The Regenerative series Multiple Cell Tester is a highly versatile, state of the art, latest technology, compact sized unit. The small size is revolutionary and brings forth Digatron’s Expertise. The modern battery testing laboratory’s first choice is the RE-series of UBT form Digatron.

MCT-RE series cell testers are designed for high current of any advanced cell technology such as Lithium, NiCd or NiMH, and lead-acid, too.
The range of test standards covers UL, IEC, ISO, ANSI, SAE, UN, IEEE, and JIS criteria.

MCT-RE series are designed to meet customers’ growing expectations for high test current, energy efficiency, power density, flexibility, expand ability, serviceability, and price-performance-ratio.

Up to six 1.8kW test circuits are housed in one 4U rack unit that also includes the active front end. Circuits can be paralleled within or even across rack units.

A 7 inch touch screen allows simple circuits monitoring and control.

MCT-RE testers are rated 0-6V/ 6 X 150 amps. This rating is suitable to be used for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH & even lead acid cells.

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