BR/Yut,3K Battery
Hi Girish,

If I’m to give your some score for your good will support, I won’t hesitate to give 10/10 or even more 11/10!!!

Thanks for your very kind & details information, we’re planning to improve our facility with your kind recommendation below, I would strongly hope to show you a better working environment while you visit us next time in May for the ACS 12V IGBT Rectifier commissioning. K. Chakkapan will lead his team to improve the condition based upon your kind input below, if we may have any further trouble; I’ll come back to you once again.

Have a nice evening.

3K Battery

Hello Mr. Ajay,

I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for Your tremendous effort to commission the three numbers of Rectifier panel and one number of RCT panel that were recently procured by Us.

From the whole team of Rimso I want to thank You for visiting us and helping us , it was a great pleasure working together. 

Please come visit Us whenever You are in Bangladesh.  

Have a safe flight back home. 

God bless You.