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Ador Digatron is a joint venture between Ador Powertron (India) and Digatron Power Electronics (Germany) and is acknowledged as the innovation and technology leader within the energy storage & battery industries


Who we are

Ador Digatron is a joint venture between Ador Powertron (India) and Digatron Power Electronics (Germany) and is acknowledged as the innovation and technology leader within the energy storage & battery industries, supporting some of the main industry leaders in India & South-East Asia as well as Africa. As an integral arm of Digatron, our customers have access to the global design & manufacturing hubs of the group in Germany, Italy, USA, China and India. For over 50 years, Digatron has been developing and producing test and formation systems for all battery types ranging from mobile phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries to batteries for submarine applications as well. 

Ador Digatron is a technology project house that provides industrial & technical knowledge as well as design, products & solutions to support the battery, energy storage and e-mobility industries. Our team provides comprehensive sales & service support in all geographies where we operate for a wide range of electronic test, charging & formation equipment for the emerging lithium battery sector, electric vehicles, static energy storage as well as numerous other battery chemistries including lead-acid technologies. Our customers include battery manufacturers, automotive OEMs, as well as universities & research facilities that develop cutting edge technologies and solutions for the future electrochemical energy. Ador Digatron also holds an annual CXO level summit for the lithium and E-mobility eco systems In India, Thailand and Indonesia. Held under Chatham House Rules, these annual summits represent an opportunity for knowledge sharing and research related information dissemination.

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Manufacturing Facilities Globally


Digatron Office around the world

Digatron Power Electronics GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Digatron was founded in the year 1968. Since then, the company’s headquarters have been located in the historic German city of Aachen, in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

From here, in-house research & development engineering teams create our own branded software and electronic hardware to support our in-house manufacturing team, whilst also supporting the wider global manufacturing facilities of the Digatron Group. The Aachen campus extends over 3 buildings :

Building 1: The Technology and Administration Centre, where sales, project management and our service teams are located.

Building 2: The production floor with large-scale manufacturing including the design department.

Building 3: Here we develop and manufacture our hi-tech series for lithium applications and e-mobility.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards- DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We work closely together with the two universities of Aachen – FH and RWTH. In addition to constant expansion of our electronic product portfolio, we support our customers through dedicated teams of experienced sales engineers, project management teams, and world travelled service staff providing excellent on-site support together with a direct client hotline for immediate personal contact.

Digatron Power Electronics Inc., Shelton (CT), USA

The first international expansion of the Digatron group was established in the USA when Digatron merged with a recognised and experienced USA manufacturer, Firing Circuits of Connecticut in 1988. It has remained a complete solution provider encompassing local manufacturing, sales, service & support in the USA since then. The incorporation of Digatron and Firing Circuits was a great technological fit, with Germany specialising in test equipment and the USA facility primarily designing and building formation rectifiers. This partnership expanded rapidly and is now renamed as “Digatron Power Electronics Inc.”, making it the largest USA supplier of test and formation systems.

Located in lower Connecticut, the USA plant in Shelton, with in-house engineering, manufacturing and service facilities, now provides the entire product portfolio of Test & Formation equipment for all battery chemistry’s including the emerging lithium, EV, ESS and lead (Pb) battery markets for North and South America, “Energizing the Americas”.

Digatron (Qingdao) Electronic Co. Ltd. Qingdao, China

In the early 1980s, with China’s reform and the opening up of the country, Digatron’s next expansion internationally was to enter China to continuously meet the growing demand of the Chinese market and provide more convenient and efficient services for Chinese customers. In 1994, the decision was made to set up its own production facility in China and Digatron (Qingdao) Electronic Co. Ltd. was founded. After more than 25 years, the location has continuously developed into a modern company with independent sales and local production. With the capability to now produce electronic test & formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, Digatron Qingdao is committed to applying advanced technology and providing high-quality products and services for the customers in China.

With China having emerged as the leaders in the advancement and uptake of electric vehicles, Digatron Qingdao is perfectly placed to supply and support sales into this dynamic industry and continues to expand each year with its range of specialised Lithium cell, module and pack testers.

Ador Digatron Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India

Established in 2013, Ador Digatron Pvt. Ltd. (ADPL), located in Pune, is a joint venture between Ador Powertron Ltd (India) and Digatron Power Electronics (Germany). Ador Powertron Ltd. is a part of the 110-year old Ador group and a previous long-term partner with Digatron supplying India with formation rectifiers. Ador is a part of the country’s “make in India” program and their core purpose has always been making a difference and changing the face of India.

Ador Digatron is acknowledged as the technology leader within the battery industry in India, South East Asia and Africa. The core purpose of Ador Digatron is “Energizing Asia” and they have established themselves as a technology project house providing industrial technical knowledge as well as design, products & solution support for all the battery industry. The team also facilitates an annual industry lithium knowledge seminar onsite at the Pune campus. With offices throughout India, the Pune main headquarter and manufacturing plant provides complete customer support, sales and service of the Digatron range of electronic test & formation equipment for the emerging lithium market, electric vehicle, energy storage and lead battery industry.

Ador Digatron is also producing industrial battery chargers and numerous customised battery charging solutions including DC fast chargers for the automotive EV infrastructure market.

Digatron Systems Srl, Milan, Italy

Established in 2019, Digatron Systems was formed strategically to address the sharply increasing demand for machinery to manufacture and charge lithium-ion batteries, offering turn- key solutions to the new and traditional lithium-ion battery producers. Digatron Systems has a pool of dedicated engineering and manufacturing experts with broad experience in the field, and in-depth knowledge of the lithium-ion cell industry as well as advanced battery production process.

With its proven technology in mechanical and automation, Digatron Systems can now provide the proper fusion between mechanical and electronic technology to offer tailored integrated solutions for cell production, formation and module assembly to lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Product range includes equipment for anode/cathode cutting, pouch forming, cell stacking, tab welding, cell filling, degassing, formation, ageing and ocv measurement. Digatron Systems products and solutions are created for a wide range of customers, e.g. research institutes and universities, battery manufacturers, automotive e-mobility manufacturers, cell prototyping assemblers, pack and module assemblers, turn-key systems integrators.