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Employee Articles

At Ador Digatron, we are proud to have employees who are driven, motivated and adaptable. Who would never stop until they achieve their dreams. Here’s a glimpse into the journey of our star employees who made us trustworthy.


Global Marketing Manager at Digatron Power Electronics.

Leaning on the window sill of my apartment and gazing aloft, I was lost in reverie absorbed by the sight of the strangely pigmented evening sky. German skies have amused me with their sporadically changing hues, ever since I shifted here to Aachen about six months ago. My reverie broke on the quivering of my mobile. I peered into my message window and to my pleasant surprise peeped out a lengthy but sweet message from a friend of mine; who, out of the blue; was congratulating me on my professional success. The latter reverie quickly superseded the former one. Honestly, there hadn’t been a day that I missed thanking my organisation, my second home which radically turned my life around. But today as I tried to recall my journey my heart melted, and the flow started cascading down my memory lane harking back to my very roots.


Leader - Manufacturing at Ador Digatron Pvt. Ltd.

Time flies quickly they say. But in my case, quickly is a word very feeble. Although I spent a tenure of massive 26 years at Ador, it feels like all those years whisked by like a gust of wind. Having a curriculum vitae brimming with experiences, years of fulfilled career and a tale full of wonderful recollections, my journey at Ador is a pleasant rigmarole.

Finishing my Diploma in Electrical Engineering, which was fair enough for a 1970s generation middle class girl and making job my topmost priority, I set out to earn myself a career.


Team Lead at Ador Digatron Pvt. Ltd.

Today was a hectic day for me at work. I am 54 and so the hotchpotch of meetings, calls and customers gets the better of me at times. Yet at the end of the toughest day, if someone inquires how I feel after completing 35 years of service in my organisation… my answer always is as loud as my voice during a Ganesh celebration, “Ador was my past, is my present and will be my future, because without Ador, I would not have been where I am today!!”

Three and a half decades working with the same organisation and still counting, from draftsman to Leader – Engineering & Vendor Development, as I trumpet about being the most senior employee of my current organisation, Ador Digatron, I have a journey, a set of experiences and memories long enough to write a book.


Customer Care-Incharge at Ador Digatron Pvt. Ltd.

One fine day, a few moments of casual retrospect made me pleasantly realise it has been 12 years now that I have been working with the Ador Group. I thought; why not jot down a detailed account of this?? Given a chance to write about my journey with Ador, I can write a bonanza. And why shouldn’t I? 12 years is a huge time and I have so many experiences, anecdotes and reminiscences gathered and cherished all over these years.The rain droplets trickling down the window glass of the room I sat to write down, quickly reminded me of the rainy month of July 2007 when I newly joined in.