Nischint Smart Care

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Nishchint makes your chargers smart, using a resilient, safe non hack able technology to communicate diagnostics of our equipment back to your dedicated Ador Digatron service team. Nishchint allows the Ador Digatron service team to know if your equipment is facing health issues, or to even prognoses when your system will likely breakdown or need service support.

Using a simple 3G/4G modem and router with a secure tunnel to our Nishchint server, communications do no breach any of your firewalls and cannot enter your software management network. Nishchint communicated directly to our servers using a GSM link direct from the equipment, reporting when performance parameters are no longer optimal.

Nishchint is a cloud-based platform that uses the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to receive health reports from your equipment at all times. It also allows you to track the history of your equipment with analytics on efficiency of each of your circuits.

24/7 connectivity allows the Ador Digatron team to provide you a rapid response and ensure the stability and efficiency of your operations.

What’s more, because of Nishchint - Ador Digatron is able to guarantee a dedicated service executive and he will arrive at your factory with the requisite spare parts and also ensure your equipment is brought back to 100% capability within a fixed period of time.

Guaranteed response time when you are in trouble and a guaranteed time frame to make your equipment operational again. Or we pay you for every day that the equipment is not functioning.

dor Digatron Nishchint – the smart way to ensure your equipment is always functioning optimally