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High Current Rectifiers

Ador Digatron High Current Rectifier is an integrated transformer rectifier unit forming a complete set, consisting of a step-down forced air-cooler transformer.

High Current Rectifiers

Ador Digatron High Current Rectifier is an integrated transformer rectifier unit forming a complete set, consisting of a step-down forced air-cooler transformer. Rectifier suitable L/L-C filter, Inter-phase transformer, control cabinet with controller & associated control-logic.

Our High Current Rectifiers are based on the rich experience of application & sound knowledge of requirements backed by proven designs. Rectifier component & wound component is carefully designed for maximum efficiency & optimum performance becoming an ideal solution for your requirement of customized DC Power supplies.

Ado Digatron provides a total solution ranging from studying technical requirements of the application & sketching out detailed Rectifier specification and in addition, provides Automation support to higher-end systems requiring communication between the rectifier unit & other PLC/higher-end Automation systems.

Custom Solution

Design & Engineering to cater to customized requirements & establishing process parameters to realize total solution as the existing process & provide value-added technical assistance to finalize the specification.


Existing process equipment improvisation with newer controls, newer technology, improve energy efficiency, Improve process/ production efficiency.


Technical Interaction during the project to provide information on installation & Interface of intended equipment with external process, instrumentation, higher-end controls, other machinery supervision during project inception.

Application Management

Various Industrial process needs typical control architecture to realize the desired results. Expertise in every process helps in providing proven design solution, provide accurate data for process control advise on critical data relevant to realize & improvise the process.


Supervision during commissioning, Quick & Efficient after-sales technical support, web-enabled technical services related to the diagnosis.


  • Dunk System
  • Continuous Live Entry – Single Zone
  • Continuous Live Entry – double Zone (single tank)
  • Continuous Live Entry – Three Zones (single tank)
  • Body Detection


  • Stand-alone (or) Automated (optional)
  • Process Automation Interface via Device Net, Modbus, Profibus etc.
  • Optimum DFT
  • Reduced Paint Consumption through body detection thereby saving cost
  • Digital Controls
  • Protection & Safety
  • Anode cell current Monitoring (optional)
  • Spark free body transition
  • (optional) Anode cell switching for better deposition
  • Reduced Stray current/energy leaking in the paint tank
  • Earth leakage monitoring
  • Safety Interlock including castle lock provision, ED door, Doormat
  • Earth Leakage, Short circuit inside Tank



Input Voltage3 Phase 415/ 380Vac, 50/60Hz (Higher input voltage on request)
DC Output Voltage100 Vdc to 500 Vdc Any custom Voltage as required
Output Current Rating100 amp to 2000 amp Any custom as required
Current RippleLess than 5% RMS of rated current at rated output
ConstructionIn IP-20 protection, Other degrees of protection possible depending on site conditions.
Environment ConditionsEquipment Designed to work for 4 5D eg ambient, 95% Humidity
ControlsManual standalone (or) Automated with PLC
Main TransformerAF- Dry Type/ Resin Impregnated
Rectifier Assembly12 Pulse SCR bridge
Protection & SafetyOver Current, Rectifier temp high cut- off, convey or fault, safety-mat interlock, ED Door Interlock, Castle lock Interlock, Monitoring & Protection against Earth Leakage
OptionAnode cell current monitoring – Local/remote
PLC interfaceDevice Net, Profit bus, Modbus, communication links with paint shop PLC

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