With over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing Power electronic systems for Industrial, Scientific and Research applications, ADOR has significant experience with DC Power sources, both in High Currents (5MW) and High Voltage (300kV DC) Rectifiers

ADOR power solutions include a comprehensive range of Thyristorised and Switch mode rectifiers for all type of industrial application operating in unique and demanding deployment contexts. Featuring a design philosophy focused on resilient power electronics, each rectifier is offered with a guaranteed reliability and efficiency. Features include High Efficiency, multi pulse system, Low ripple, High PF, Low THD


ADOR heavy-duty rectifiers power electrolytic cells that produce hydrogen from electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. ADOR supplies electrolyser manufacturers and hydrogen producers with DC Power sources and rectifiers to power these hydrogen generating cells.

The system is designed to meet the most demanding specification of electrolytic water hydrogen production industry. These are available in 6, 12 and 24 pulse systems and thyristor rectifiers are engineered, designed, manufactured and tested to internationally recognized standards including CE certification. Our design capabilities include automatic power factor and harmonic mitigation. We also offer a state-of-the-art switch mode technology with systems designed to be scalable, simple to use and easy to maintain.  Only a basic maintenance check procedure is needed to ensure your rectifiers continue running, saving both time and maintenance repair costs. All high power thyristor rectifiers are bespoke custom designed for our customer’s requirements, ensuring you get the exact rectifier your process requires with the most advanced Digital Regulations and electronics.

Rectifier technologies and topologies in support of hydrogen generation includes:

6, 12, 24, and higher pulse rectification with SCR (thyristor) only control as well as DC bus front ends for high-frequency designs

High-frequency IGBT based designs for power control in place of SCRs (thyristors) Special ripple filtering utilizing inductive and / or capacitive filtering to meet electrolytic cell ripple requirements Digital control technology with high-speed networking and holistic alarm and fault monitoring

Remote Operation and Data acquisition

Interface with 3rd party PLC / SCADA controls

ADOR Power Capacity Offerings :

PF / Medium Frequencies Systems: 5MW​
Switch mode:300kW – 100V, 3000A; Resonant Technologies; Modular Systems​
Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) Systems: Vienna Topologies – 50kHz – Unity PF

Low THDi, Low O/P Stored Energy; Low ripple​
48 / 24 /12 / 6 Pulse - Low THDi, Low O/P Energy​
Transformers: Dry Type / Resin impregnated / VPI / Forced Air / Oil / Silicon Fluid / Cast resin systems